Appledore Band

A Bit of History

There are records of a Town Band in Appledore a far back as the 1880s and records in the bands possession show that from the turn of the century this was a Brass Band. It existed until the 1920s when lack of support and players caused it to be disbanded. The current band is the continuation of a Silver Band formed by Appledore Boys Brigade in 1942.

The Boys Brigade closed down in 1965 but the band continued under the stewardship of Arthur Boyles (see picture). Arthur was able to convince 30 people to join the band, 18 Ex-Boys Brigade bandsmen and the rest who were willing to learn! With support from the church council, music theory, fingering was taught in the vicarage once per week and band practice was held in the church school on another The Appledore Silver Band as it became know was, and still is very much a community band.

Arthur Boyles MBE

The band provides services to the surrounding area playing for church services, parades, carnivals and ship launching! The band has even played for The Prince of Wales on no less than two occasions. Today those same values continue with the newest batch of recruits from the local area learning under guidance from members of the senior band.

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