Appledore Band
Latest News Autumn 2017 Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who came out an supported our Proms event, we hop you had a great time, we certainly did! Dare we say we are now into preparing for Christmas and the huge amount of work that goes into organising the band to turn out for the numerous engagements we already have in the diary. Believe it or not but we start playing Christmas Carols in OCTOBER!! Before that we have a few opportunities for you to catch up with the band and hear some new tunes! We are at St Peters in Fremington and at the Appledore Book Festival during October so you can still get your Brass Band fix! If you are interested in joining the band please get in touch, we have an active training band which teaches all ages to play brass instruments. If you already play and would like to come along and sit in with the main band you would be very welcome. As always check out the diary as well as our facebook page for concert dates and information about what the band is doing.
2017 Appledore Band